Kettlebell training is unlike any other you’ve done. There are techniques you must learn to be not only safe, but successful. We offer an intro class called JUMP START. The JUMP START is mandatory for anyone interested in becoming a part of our program. Please scroll down for more information on the class.


We offer an intro class called JUMP START. In JUMP START class you will learn how to perform the five basic exercises we use in our classes classes. These exercises lay the foundation for more complicated and progressive movements.

*Before joining the Rapid Results Program, everyone must attend a JUMP START class. This is so you will know acceptable exercise technique, proper exercise safety, and so you won’t get “lost” in class.

Cost: $30

Location: 4125 Chapel Hill Blvd, Suite 10, Durham, NC 27707


- Saturday, October 26 10:30am
- Saturday November 2 10:30am
- Saturday November 9 10:30am
- Saturday November 16 10:30am
- Saturday November 30 10:30am

Pay below to register for JUMP START $30

When you sign up for membership (the same day you take your jump start class) the jump start fee ($30) can be applied to your first month’s membership!

In the form below enter your name, email address, and the date you are coming.