Medical Advisory Board

Dr. David Leidich, DC
Chiropractic and Wellness Center

"In the twelve years I have been in practice, I have not found a better work out program that I would fully endorse to send my patients to for strength training and rehabilitation. As a chiropractor who sees back and neck pain daily, core strength is vital for rehabilitating old injuries and a must for controlling and limiting future problems. Betsy and Kevin are very knowledgable about joint health and mobility and understand how important it is to maintain this aspect in their work out programs. Safety of the client is foremost in Betsy and Kevin’s introduction to the RKC kettlebells. I feel comfortable sending my patients for this type of training because I know they will be cared for and supervised during exercise. Their health issues will be discussed with appropriate directions to help minimize further injuries but still providing options on improving strength training and cardiovascular health. In my six months of training I have personally dropped fourteen pounds and six percent body fat, with working out only three days a week (three hours total per week). Rapid results are exactly what you get. If you follow their dietary advice, and commit to the three classes per week, you will lose weight, gain stronger and have a healthier body."

Dr. David Leidich has been practicing at Chiropractic & Wellness Center since September 1997. He received his undergraduate degree from the State University of New York and then attended New York Chiropractic College, where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1996. He is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is licensed to practice in the states of North Carolina and New York. He is also an active member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, which he joined in 1996. Dr. Leidich's special clinical interests include migraine headaches, sports injuries, extremity problems (for example, shoulders, arms, knees, and feet), and working with children and the elderly. Dr. Leidich and his wife have three children and live in Durham. He enjoys playing golf, skiing, biking, aikido, backpacking, and Russian kettlebells.

Susann Clifford, MD, OB/GYN

"The Rapid Results Kettlebells training program is a wonderful overall fitness program.  While it is sometimes  thought of as a  classic "weight-training"  regimen, it offers much more than that. This is an aerobic workout as well, as the cardio component plays a major part in the circuit, along with weight training.

This regimen will help to build core strength, which is important both for women planning on having children, and women with young kids. Those of you who have carried a baby in a car seat know how much strength that takes. Kettlebell training builds core strength, and also the upper body strength needed to perform daily activities with kids in tow.

As a gynecologist, I see many middle-aged women develop osteopenia and osteoporosis over time due to lack of appropriate bone maintenance. Weight training is the best way to maintain healthy bone density, and Kettlebells training is the perfect regimen for this.

I highly recommend the Rapid Results Fitness program to all women, both for strength maintenance and overall well-being, and for fat-loss and aerobic training. I have been very pleased with the program and will suggest it to patients."

Peter Kussin, MD, Pulmonology, Allergy, Critical Care

"When I first started working with kettlebells [with Geoff], I admit  that I had some concerns about their efficacy for my training program. Some research on the internet did little to decrease my skepticism. However, after only  a month of working with the KBs, I considered  myself an enthusiastic convert and a  true "comrade". Almost two years later I am just as enthusiastic.  As a busy person, I appreciate how efficient and all-inclusive the KB workout can be.  A half hour or 45 minutes with the bells and you have had a total body workout  AND  great cardiovascular  training. By accomplishing both, KBs are great for burning fat and helping with weight loss or weight maintenence. The KBs work the core, build functional strength, explosiveness and power. As a pulmonary physician, I have also come to understand that good kettlebell technique means good breathing  technique-- an added benefit to be sure!

If I was initially  slightly skeptical about KBs, I could only be described as downright  over the edge with Z- health. While it first seemed preposterous that simple exercises could radically change joint mobility, balance and even strength, my experience has been strongly positive. Z-health has become part of my warm-up routine for workouts, competitive sports and has been a tremendous help with injury recovery. As a physician, I believe that the  folks who developed Z- health have made an important discovery-- the key to improving  flexibility,  posture or even proper joint alignment  is enhancing joint mobility. After two years of Z- health work, I have ceased to regard the workout as slightly weird as I have come to understand just how subtle and powerful the exercises really are."

Dr. Michael Krasnov, DC

As a chiropractic physician I know the importance of incorporating a regular and well designed exercise program into a complete lifestyle approach to maximizing your health potential. Kettlebell training is the best thing I have seen in all my years of practice that addresses all the necessary components of a fitness routine. These components include resistive training that uses functional movement patterns through full ranges of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular training, and balance and coordination training. And it does it in 3 one hour sessions per week.

Although I had always taken fairly good care of myself, I had gotten slack in the last 10-15 years. Now that I have been doing kettlebells for about a year and a half, I feel better now in my late 50's than I did in my mid 40's.

Kettlebells can benefit any sport and combined with good nutrition, proper rest, and other proactive health care treatments such as chiropractic and massage therapy can be the ticket to achieving your health potential.

William S. Yancy, Jr., MD, Internal Medicine

"Rapid Results Fitness uses the latest scientific information available to provide their clients with dietary recommendations that restore health and promote successful fat loss. This information combined with strenuous exercise that addresses all the necessary areas of fitness--cardiovascular, muscular strength, and joint integrity, makes Rapid Results Fitness kettlebell training program one that I recommend to anyone who is looking for a sensible, intelligently designed time-efficient exercise and nutrition program."

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