Offsite Training Options

Many of you who are or have been members of Rapid Results Fitness have come to expect high quality training when you come to class here. We at RRF realize work schedule, work travel, vacation, and transient lifestyle limit you on coming to class sometimes. In order to keep your training consistent I have designed and compiled workouts for you who can’t come to class at RRF. This way you will never feel like you are starting over or being inconsistent with your training!!

I am pleased to offer the following workout options to you for a ridiculously low price!

6 Workouts (3 of them bodyweight workouts) $36

9 Workouts (4 of them bodyweight workouts) $54

12 Workouts (5 of them bodyweight workouts) $72

Workout Packages

Long Distance Coaching Program

If you are interested in joining Rapid Results Fitness, but do not live within the vicinity, or simply want to train at home instead of joining classes you may still participate through our Long Distance Coaching Program.

In this program, you will correspond with Trainer Betsy Collie via email at, submitting pictures and videos as requested, for her to direct your progress.

Costs vary depending on details for the individual, custom programming design, length of training, level of training, etc.

For more information please contact Betsy Collie at