Are you in the best shape of your life? Do you want to be? Do you wish you had time to take care of yourself, but you are overwhelmed by your hectic schedule? Could you find 60 - 90 minutes in a week to build the body you have always wanted? Then you need to be a part of this program at Rapid Results Fitness. Don't put it off, here is your chance for huge savings and a new beginning, NEW YOU!

Don't Miss the RRF 10th Year
Customer Appreciation week!!

RRF Members, Past, Present and Potential!

Here is what you need to know:

Beginning Monday, February 12 through Saturday February 17 we are celebrating YOU and RRF TOGETHER! Every day you come to class fill out a raffle ticket for FREE stuff!

I am so excited to also announce that Xpert Nutrition will be providing nutritional supplemental goodies for us this week. RRF has had a long standing parternship with the good people at Xpret Nutrition and we appreciate their support!

In addition, Refectory Cafe will be here providing their signature favorites for us to sample! The food they prepare is of the utmost healthy, natural ingredients and is what I refer to as CLEAN eating at it's finest. Best part is it tastes so delicious! It literally wakes up your tastebuds to what healthy food should taste like. You'll be hooked I feel sure! So come to class all week and be surprised by samples that await you before, during, and after class!

A special treat for us all! Laura Hall, Founder and CEO of Refectory Cafe will be here on Saturday, February 17 at 9am to show us how to make Kombucha!!! If you have read the benefits of Kombucha you will want to be here for this quick tutorial!

Whether you were a past client, one time jump start participant or current member, we want you to come! We will have a raffle, discounts, freebies, a bada#@ workshop (Double Snatch workshop Thursday, February 15 5:30pm $10 for members, $20 for non-members), yummy good for you food, and more...

Of course, we can't have celebrations without confections, so we will have ridiculously creative and delectable cookies from Confections of a Cookie Addict! If any of you have ever had one you know how irresistible they are!!

Everything in moderation, right?

Share this info with others and have them come too! Here's how they can come:

On Wednesday, February 14 we will have "Bring a Friend to Class" day!

If they are already familiar with kettlebell training, they can attend the Double Snatch Workshop on Thursday February 15 at 5:30pm. Cost is $10 for members, and $20 for non-members.

Or Bring a Friend to our Celebration on Saturday February 17 starting at 8:30am. We will hold FREE Jump Start class (10:30am) and if your friend signs up for classes, you get a FREE week of classes!! If two friends sign up, get two weeks of FREE classes!

Even if you just stop in and say hello it would mean so much to me, personally. Each one of you are or have been an integral part of our success! I would love to see you here!

Also RRF is offering for a limited time only!

10 classes for $110!!

You can purchase this as an add-on to your current membership!

Preferred payment is cash or check! But we will take credit card if that's the only way! :-)

Any questions, email

Don't forget to buy your Dales Protein Bars, Cracked Nut Butter, Training Journals, What I Ate Notepad, and T-Shirts, while supplies last!!!

I hope you are as excited as I am about our training together and look forward to the rest of 2018!!!

RRF is 10 Years STRONG!

In celebration of our Anniversary we are offering the following:

Join our program and receive a FREE month of classes when you pay for your membership up front, and IN FULL.

3 month membership paid up front in full receive 1 month FREE
6 month membership paid up front in full receive 2 months FREE
12 month membership paid up front in full receive 3 months FREE

Not able to join monthly?
Then buy 10 classes for $110
(this special price expires February 18)
to use as your schedule allows!

2018! If Not NOW When??!!

Register for Jump Start class here

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Here is an astonishing variety of folk now doing kettlebells, from little kids to military to stay-at-home moms. This video gives you a great idea of the range of people drawn to the kettlebell:

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Looking for a Completely Different Type of Workout? Looking for the Most Time Efficient Workouts Available? Looking to Start Burning Unsightly Fat?

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