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What Others Say About Us

"Strength training: do I really need it?
As a 55-year-old woman, I'd like to lose a few pounds. Since aerobic
exercise is supposed to be the best way to burn fat, I've always figured the
best use of my time is walking, running, and cycling. Strength training, I
thought, was for big, beefy guys. I'm not interested in big muscles, so why
would I do strength training? I certainly didn't feel at home in a gym with
all those young men who look so serious and focused. And I felt
self-conscious doing just a few exercises with my small weights--I just
didn't feel like I fit in at most gyms.

And then a friend told me that Rapid Results Fitness offered kettlebell
training for ladies our age, and sure enough, I found plenty of ladies,
younger and not-so-young, in classes. Some ladies could handle bigger bells
than others, but there didn't seem to be much focus on who lifted what
weight. Not everyone was in perfect shape, but they were all friendly and
welcoming. And best of all, the instructors gave us individual instruction
to make us more effective and prevent injuries. I don't always attend classs
on a regular basis, but I always feel welcome when i come back!

Kettlebell workouts make me stronger in ways I never imagined. I can lift
things above my head, like boxes off a shelf. My balance is better, and my
posture is better. I feel like movement is more stable in so many ways.
Kettlebells seem to strengthen all the links in the chain of movement."

No Name from Durham, NC
First what I like about RRF.
I love that there is no pressure to wear "workout" clothing.
I love that there are no wall to wall mirrors. I know that athletes like to
watch their form as they work out. Overweight ladies trying to get fit do
not. In my mind I'm still 30 and reasonably fit and a healthy weight, so I
give it my all. The mirror would be too much reality. There's one there for
those who want to use it, and I thank you.
I love the diversity of the members: age, fitness, weight, race, gender,
I love the positive attitude - you guys are encouraging but not fake
I love that you pay attention to what I/we do. I've worked with personal
trainers before and found that they stared off in the distance (or at some
gorgeous/hunky gym rat) and seemed quite bored to work with me.
I appreciate that all of you are so proficient and certified in kettlebell
training. It matters.
This is the only training that has worked my body all over rather than "now
we'll do upper body, now we'll do legs, now abs..." I've gained upper body
strength like never before and have really missed it while I've been out
because of my back.
I love doing chains.
I love that I can work with whatever weight I feel comfortable using.

The positive and accepting attitude rubs off on all of us. The first time I
went to class other participants, who obviously had been doing this for a
long time, were so encouraging to me! I was floored. That never happens
anywhere else.

I will never join a big gym again. It's too discouraging to feel like an
outsider. If it weren't for RRF I'm not sure I would work out much aside
from getting on the treadmill. Dumbbells at home just don't cut it.

No Name from Durham, NC
A nine year-old I am fortunate to know very well recently asked me what my
happiest memory was as a child. As I scrolled through memories of trips and
camps and friendships I was able to come back to one point in time that
changed everything. It was because of this change that the moments I most
enjoyed were made possible. This was my answer: "Well, it was when I started
to get strong and could use my body to enjoy being active". This is the
truth, seemingly simple, yet profoundly tied to my dearest memories in every

I don't want to write about being strong without acknowledging that there
are times where we may not only feel weak, but we may experience health
hardships of many different varieties. These hardships, whatever they may
be, may separate us from where we want to be along our personal strength
continuum. We may feel discouraged and lost, too far out to get back.
Working now for many years with individuals who are ill or disabled, I know
that we must sometimes redefine our goals and be compassionate with our
limitations. The important thing is that we don't lose sight of where we
want to go and how it will make us feel once we make it.

At age 40+ I had to face the fact that I had lost my way and had allowed the
demands of life, work and family, to take over. As someone who knows the
importance of remaining strong, and the role it plays in my confidence and
happiness, I was motivated to find the right training environment. Rapid
Results is different from other gyms: the instruction is very personalized
within a small group setting. Members of the gym are welcoming and helpful,
there are several different levels of skill in each class and the
instructors meet you exactly where you are fitness/strength wise. The
instructors are skilled professionals and also loads of fun; every class is
fun! Beyond the gym, Betsy and her team are sharing helpful information
about optimizing health and about living the life style that will make you
feel the best you have ever felt. There is transparency and desire to share
information at every turn. I am no perfect student but I know that I am in
the right place to learn and to grow into my goal. If you can find the right
place, you will be right where you should be. Good luck and keep moving!!

Happy member of rapid from Durham NC
(If you are looking for a workout that is efficient, fun, personalized, and
produces results. this is the gym for you! Thank you to Rapid Results and
the instructors for all you do!)

itala azzarelli from Durham NC
We in Durham are extremely lucky to have Betsy and Rapid Results Fitness
-- her group work-out sessions, individual attention, and creative course design – in our own neighborhood.

I am an almost 50 year old woman, always engaged in moderate fitness, and have seen a serious transformation in my body since taking kettle
bell classes under Betsy and her team in the past two years. Kettle
bells is a phenomenal new paradigm, and you better have a great instructor to go with it. Betsy is relentless about ongoing refinement of her clients’ form; in infusing her instruction with new energy and focusing on small but crucial details. Some of our most amazing workouts have been slow and careful studies of basic kettle bell movements, and of the stretching that goes before and after it. It all comes together to make for outstanding quality of life, serious weight loss/muscle gain, friendly folk to see several times a week, and all in efficient 60 minute sessions. It is really fun to be a housewife with serious abs! It’s been two years and I am still having my pants taken in. Thanks to Betsy, what I want for Christmas is a chin-up bar.
Everything I do now is enhanced, from casual tennis to jogging 5 k with my girlfriends. Betsy is one of only a handful of female RKC Team Leaders in the nation. She is devoted and talented and is especially adept at meeting individuals with injuries or special needs where they are and coaching them into the fitness of their lifetime. Thank you, Betsy!

Liz P. from Durham, NC
Jack of all trades, Master of none

"That about sums up my approach to fitness for much of my adult life. Dabble here, dabble there in search of "something" that will work long-term and won't bore me to tears. Back in late 2008 I heard about kettle bells and the importance of strength building in the context of functional movement (although I must confess that's my 2012 self reinterpreting the past)...Truthfully I stumbled across Betsy and RRF by pure chance. As others have testified, you really can work your entire body with kettle bells in just a few 20 - 30 minute workouts each week. The development of one's "body awareness" takes many months of practice so starting out don't expect to be snatching gracefully any time soon. But it is so worth the effort! The strength gains are for real and when it clicks it really does come together. Betsy's approach is all about ensuring safety first. Going to other alternative gyms, the use of kettle bells feels like a sideshow and you really can't be sure that the form they're teaching you is the safest and most effective. Since Betsy is an RKC trained instructor rest assured that you are getting the best of the best with personalized instruction on how to master your form and technique. Overall I highly recommend attending a jump start class and giving kettle bells a chance! Eventually your confidence will grow, you'll lean out and develop absolute strength with consistency. I recently moved out of the area, but 3+ years later I can confidently say that I am safely pushing my limits at home, working doubles, ramping up the intensity (in less time) and reaping the results of my investment with RRF all while remaining free of injury".

Thanks Betsy...I mean every word of it!!

Geoff T. from Durham, NC
Words fail to describe the phenomenon that is Betsy. A talented businesswoman and fabulous physical role-model with endless day-to-day stamina, Betsy gives clear, intelligent, and precise analysis of body movement during every class. She manifests a deep commitment to the basic mechanics of kettle bell work and the constant tweaking it entails. Her creative workouts adjust to bathing suit season or post-holidays with explosive energy. Her knowledge and attention to the debilitated have demonstrated over and over that whatever your physical problem, as long as you have Betsy, kettle bells can make you whole again.

She teaches us to breathe, she teaches us to finish what we start, she teaches us that we are strong, she forces us to stretch – all with endlessly new and interesting movements and routines. She is a master at discerning the details of physical variation that is her client body (we are a motley crew of all ages, shapes, and types). I am a 50 year old woman who can now do 10 beautiful push-ups and plank for more than a minute. My cross-court forehand is devastating. I feel strong, confident, and well because of Betsy’s skill as an instructor. The coolest thing is that Betsy trains football teams, Navy Seals, and RKC initiates, and still finds time to cheer on the rest of us. Thank you so much, Betsy.

Happy Client from Durham, NC
Why RRF?

The best way that I can explain the impact RRF has had on my life over the past 8 months is to think about the 165 hours of the week I am NOT at RRF. This may seem backwards, but hear me out:

Like many people trying to become fit and healthy, when I first walked in the door at RRF I was focused on the numbers. More specifically, I was focused on losing numbers; losing weight and pant sizes. However, after being at RRF for less than 9 months I have learned that while these types of aesthetic differences can be rewarding and are definite and immediate benefits of attending RRF classes regularly, an even greater goal is to focus on gains.

From training with RRF, my overall gains in strength and optimism about my health and happiness in my future are outstanding. What I have gained goes so far beyond what I achieve physically in RRF the 3 hours a week I am there (less than 2% of my week) and extends to the rest of my life and remaining 165 hours of my week. . Both from the physical and mental training the community and instruction has had on me, I feel so certain that I can set and reach not only my fitness goals but my personal ones as well. My decisions throughout the week are influenced by what I have learned from my time at RRF; from the very obvious such as my food choices, daily activities, and sleep habits - to more complex things such as how I approach problems, work, and relationships.

While I certainly could share impressive statistics about my losses from going to RRF, it is these gains in my overall physical and mental strength that I think are so much more significant. These types of gains are almost impossible to quantify, because they are so life changing and long lasting.

So next time someone asks me why I love RRF, I will talk about the number 165.
Because when you think about the exchange, 3 hours spent to get 165 hours the rest of my week feeling strong and having a positive mindset; there really is nothing to lose at all from training at RRF.

Emily from Chapel Hill, NC
I haven't been to kbs in a while, and I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I'm moving to California next week. It has been in the works since December (coinciding with a decrease in running and kbs). I did run a 50K the first week of January (a distance PR for me).

In addition to just giving you a heads' up, I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the gym. Seriously, I sing the praises of kbs for endurance runners, RRF, and you as an instructor to all my running friends around. I really attribute my strong training cycle and huge PR at the Philly Marathon to the complimentary training of kbs for core strength. Thank you!!

I think what I love the most about the classes is the personal attention, the side notes as to why and how the workouts are helping us, and the focus on proper form. You are spectacular, and I (1) wish you the best success at the gym, and (2) look forward to the day I move back to the Triangle and can attend classes again.

Jess from Durham, NC
Beth, I don't know if you get these notes very often, but I want to tell you how much I love kettlebell and the workouts you give us.

After working out for 25 years, in all varieties, including running, marathons, weightlifting etc, kettlebell is the one workout where even though we are working so hard, afterward, nothing EVER hurts. No hobbling, no hip pain, no trouble going up or down the stairs. I have a beautiful home gym and many kinds of exercise I love to do, but rapid results is the first gym membership I have had in 15 years, and I am truly a convert.

Thanks for all that you do.

Beth from Raleigh, NC
Over a lifetime of doing all kinds of different fitness regimes with marginal results, I've never found one as terrific as kettle bells a la Betsy! Her knowledge about how the body works and what I have to do to get mine in shape is truly awesome! I really benefit from her attention to form, to the varied workouts, and to the inspiration and motivation Betsy extends. The classes are tough but always fun! It's an understatement to say the working with Betsy and kettle bells has changed my life! Can you tell I'm a fan? I'll be calling for my bells on my death bed! Yea, Betsy! You and your team are THE BEST!
claudia moore from Durham NC
I have never had such a positive and enlightening experience in physical training as my experience at Rapid Results. Betsy, along with the other folks at RRF, are not only excellent and attentive instructors but also did a great job of guiding me through exercises that were initially very challenging. I always considered myself to be active and in decent shape but kettlebell training at RRF has helped me to truly realize what I am capable of in terms of strength and flexibility!
Marty Newman from Cambridge, MA
I started kettle bells in May of 2009. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999 and have had difficulty sticking to a good exercise regime. It's hard to imagine that in May I started out with a sense that I had no strength, coordination or confidence for that matter in my physical abilities. The hardest part of MS is not living with it, it's living in the expectations of what you shouldn't do or think you can't do. So, very often I would say to myself things are too hard, or what's the point.

Betsy and Kevin have both showed me a different way to think about my possibilities and develop a new sense of confidence in myself physically. Sure, I still ache (like everyone else) but I ache from working out and not from sitting around not doing anything.

Betsy and Kevin have helped me in ways that go so much deeper than the weight of the bells (although it is nice to sport some muscles).

I am so grateful to the folks at Rapid Results.

sylvia novinsky from Durham, NC
I started taking classes at Rapid Results Fitness in January 2009. Durhing that time I've become stronger all over, especially my core, which has allowed a previously recurring groin injury to heal completely. Following carpal tunnel surgery in April, I didn't attend kettlebell classes for about 7 weeks. During that time I developed tendonitis (same hand) - but after a few weeks back in class that, too, disappeared. This works! And learning how to use my body more efficiently and safely has made me more conscious of how I perform my usual activities - whether digging a new garden bed, unloading grocery bags, or sitting in front of a computer. Kettlebell classes are fun, the instructors are top-notch, and there's great rapport, support, and encouragement between all involved. I highly recommend Rapid Results to anyone of any age or ability.
Julie Chappell from Durham, NC
I am now about 5 weeks post-op from my total left hip replacement surgery and my recovery has gone faster than even I expected.

I stopped using my walker only two weeks after surgery, and now, I keep forgetting my cane everywhere (a great sign). My in-home physical therapy ended two weeks post-hospital discharge and my PT said that each time she saw me (every other day), I'd progressed exponentially. As a result, I decided to forgo outpatient PT and opted to do, on my own, the exercises needed to further my recovery. I started driving solo three weeks post-op and went back to work in the office four weeks post-op. And the best news, just five weeks following surgery, my doctor has lifted my movement restrictions and I can begin exercising again; including kettlebells.

I am definitely way ahead of the curve in my recovery. Doing kettlebell training for three months pre-surgery seems to have helped so much, especially for the abdominal strength needed initially to just get out of bed and put on my socks. One kettlebell move that came in very handy is the one where I stand on my good leg, and bending down on that leg, I put my bad leg back behind me off the floor. This really helped because of the initial universal precaution that I avoid bending at the waist (standing or sitting) more than 90-110 degrees.

Thanks again to you and Kevin for the help provided pre-surgery. I intend to be back! -Robert

Robert Letourneau from Durham, NC
Hey Betsy! I have a story similar to Robert's! I am walking without crutches, limping, but walking! For three months I had to go up and down 19 steps to my bedroom, on my butt. Because of kettlebells I had no problems. May arms were strong and carried my weight. I also used a knee scooter and my left leg did all the work, again because of kettlebells I was able to get around without a problem. Whenever anyone asked how I was doing I gave kettlebells a lot of credit. If everything continues to go the way it has, I plan to start again in January. See you all then... Janet
Janet Turyn from Durham, NC
I decided to try something radical to ward off middle age weight gain-Betsy's individual coaching was just the thing to help me learn the moves and work up to joining a class-after decades of lethargy, I worked up to 3 classes per week in no time-with no injuries! I find kettlebell training to be a mindfulness practice that also seems to release endogenous opiates-a natural high. I've never before engaged in exercise that I get pissed off if I have to miss! My whole body is stronger and I feel great. Betsy is an excellent fitness trainer, always positive and encouraging, and she personally cares about each and every one of us-Best deal in town, try not to tell too many others!
Diana from Durham, NC
Rapid Results Fitness and kettlebells rock!! I've been completely hooked since taking the Jump Start class from Betsy in December 2008. Betsy Collie, owner and lead instructor, and instructor Kevin Perrone are fantastic. They really know kettlebells and fitness. Classes are never boring because they are always introducing new exercises and changing-up the routines. The great thing about kettlebells is that you can get both cardio and strength training. I've lost over 15 lbs., lost at least an inch or two around the waist, and have practically doubled my upper body strength!! Now, when I get out for the occasional run or mountain bike ride, I'm stronger, physically and psychologically, than ever before. The combination of joint mobility exercise and a focus on good kettlebell techniques really work in seeing the best results and staying injury free. Betsy and Kevin's positive, fun attitude and the greatest fellow kettlebell swingers you can imagine (this is a very supportive and encouraging environment) make coming to class the highlight of my day. All of this, in combination with a frequent class schedule, flexible payment plans, and an optional dietary program to help you make healthy eating choices, have made Rapid Results Fitness membership one of the best values I've ever experienced. I highly recommend Betsy, Kevin, and Rapid Results Fitness!
John Bailey from Durham, NC
It only took Betsy about 18 months to convince me to try kettlebells. Finally I tried it and it has been great this summer. I've trained a lot before (running, weights, sports drills, etc.) and without a doubt I've gotten more results (strength, endurance, weight loss) quicker than ever before. Plus an added bonus has been the rehabilitation and strength gains of old injuries to my left wrist (broken twice) and right shoulder (partial rotator cuff tear). So don't wait 18 months, get started.
Mike Branton from Durham, NC
May 2008 I realized that I only had 2 years before I turned 40. I decided I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and wanted to choose for life and improvement rather than decline and mediocrity. I had been using my fantastic nutritionals and doing nutritional cleansing for the past 3 years so I was a size 6 and got compliments from people that I looked so good after three kids. The thing was, I left "skinny fat," meaning I wasn't fit or strong. I joined Rapid Results and dropped 10% body fat in 6 months and only lost 2 lbs, which means I really built muscle and strength. I just turned 39 and feel I am on my way to being in the best shape of my life for my next birthday and get compliments now on how fit and muscular I look. My 3 kids are proud of their strong mama!
Michele C from Durham, NC
cleanse coach/ executive recruiter
I joined Rapid Results Fitness in the begining of January 2009. It was 3 months prior to a scheduled surgey to get a full hip replacement on my right side. The purpose of joining was to get in shape for my recovery process after the surgery. Well I just had the surgry April 1st and it was very successful. But what made it successful was my positive experience at Rapid Response. Kettlebells helps your core strength which is exactly what I need to get around. I was also relying on the non-surgical side (my left side) to help me. After doing "get ups" for 3 months this was a piece of cake. My physical therapist was amazed at my progress. She said I should be the poster child for hip replacement surgey recovery. I want to thank Betsy and Kevin for all their help. They understood that I had limitations due to a bad hip and they knew how to work around it. Once I get clearance from my doctor I will be back swinging those bells again. This time my goal is to lose weight and take advantage of my new flexible hip. Thanks, Joe
Joe Lidowski from Durham NC
Sales Manager Harris Incorporated
Betsy has an incredible way of motivating everyone in her kettlebell classes, especially me! Sometimes I come to class and want to "just get through it" -- but Betsy's fun, supportive and inspiring personality always manages to turn my attitude around. She has incredible attention to detail and always gives tips and hints which not only improve my technique but make certain moves even easier. Betsy is so passionate about training with kettlebells, that it's contagious! I can't help but smile when I'm participating in her classes. In addition, the workout combinations she puts together ensure a full-body workout. Experienced, extremely professional, and fun to be around!
Eileen Doherty from Durham, NC
Rapid Results has given me a new body and a new attitude towards fitness - an awesome group-style class that gives you energy and motivation! As a graduate student, I felt sedentary from working at a computer, and Kettlebells was exactly what I needed ,”toned muscles, more energy, and the upbeat motivation and instruction from Betsy and Kevin. If you are ready for a lifestyle change, you are ready for Kettlebells. I had never lifted weights before, always intimidated by gyms. Rapid Results has been the perfect workout studio, personal training and non-gym environment. I can highly recommend Rapid Results because you will see results,“ I lost three pant sizes and inches off my waist. I just received a dress that I order three months ago, and it is four inches too big. Thank you, Betsy and Kevin, for a new path to fitness and true rapid results!
Allison K from Durham, NC
Graduate Student
Betsy's classes are all go from start to finish! Time is suspended and the work flows non stop. It's what a workout should be She'll make you rethink using the term 'soccer mom' with a negative connotation...
Gunnar Peterson C.S.C.S. from Beverly Hills, CA
I started training under Betsy's instruction 6 months ago. Under her guidance and encouragement, I've seen my muscle mass and muscle definition increase, and my waistline shrink! Betsy provides a fun and comfortable environment for exercise. Before I found Betsy and Rapid Results Fitness I had become increasingly sedentary due to a lower back injury- but now I'm having fun and getting in the best shape of my life. Thanks Betsy!
Joe Porcheddu from Chapel Hill, NC
I have been training with Betsy for 10 weeks. I got interested in training with kettlebells after reading that this was an effective way to build strength, especially for people with shoulder injuries. As a competitive open water swimmer, I have noticed incredible gains in strength and I am experiencing less shoulder pain in and out of the pool. Rapid Results Fitness is a friendly high energy place to get fit. Betsy is knowledgable and very generous with her instruction and she can provide that kick in the pants when you need the extra push. It is hard work, but its a good time.
Josh Bond from Durham, NC
Betsy is just awesome. My kettlebell workouts with Betsy began a year ago. I started with the tiniest of bells. Betsy gave me encouragement to not be discouraged as others in the class were working with larger bells. Of course, I have moved on to heavier bells. if I ever doubt my progress, I just look over at the wimpy bells and know that Betsy and her never waivering enthusiasm have brought me a long way! Her instruction style is amazing. She is quick to correct form (she is a stickler) and applauds personal bests. Classes are not rote. The workouts change every two days. New moves are constantly introduced. Classes are composed of men and women, the old and the young and everyone is having a good time. We are talking about real kettle bell camaraderie here! Lastly, at 50 years old and not needing to lose weight, my specific results have been in muscle definition and strength...not to mention the new bounce in my step!
Betty Hitchcock from Carrboro, NC
The Kettle bell program has been a great experience for me. Before I started KB's, my exercise routine was jogging 4 miles and lifting weights. This would take 2 hours, 4 days a week. I was working out so hard and still not getting results. Since KB training I am getting the results I want and I only have to do KBs 1 hour, 3 days a week because it is cardio and weight training combined to make a complete all over body work out. It is truly the best exercise program I have ever done. Thanks Betsy!
Angie Roberts from Durham, NC
I have worked with Kevin Perrone for one year. During that time I have become more lean and much stronger. I can now do chin-ups, push-ups, and dead lifts with 160 lb, things I thought I could never do, especially at 50 yrs of age. As a physical therapist and certified hand therapist, I can say with confidence that Kevin has a wealth of knowledge about exercise prescription and rationale, and nutrition. He pays attention to my goals and is very flexible about that. He also supervises my home workouts, so I know what I do there is effective. I have lost over 20 lb of fat and am convinced that my workouts with Kevin have helped me keep it off. I would highly recommend him for personal training.
Connie Stevenson from Durham, NC
CHT North Carolina Women's Master's Powerlifting Record Holder
I spent about 14 months working with Kevin twice a week, enjoyedevery session, & came away more agile, flexible and with a wellbalanced exercise program I can follow on my own. More than othertrainers I've worked with, Kevin understands physiology & mechanics,and he's had experience with rehab as well as training, with childrenand adults. He kept me fit without risking injury, & he helped merecover from & avoid recurrence of chronic neck pain. I'm happy torecommend Kevin as a trainer without reservation.
Julia from Durham, NC
After my sessions with Kevin, I always feel energized and ready to hit the ground running. Kevin has kept me focused and organized as he has directed me through a long-term weight loss that is an important physical and psychological goal for me. Kevin works smoothly with the extra issues involved in this process for someone with eating disorders and dietary oddities.
John Swetnam from Durham, NC
Kevin, training with you has really been a great thing for my daughter. This past weekend she was able to get up on the surfboard without a helper for the first time. She also had no problem providing enough resistance to get up each time on the wakeboard. We were really proud of her. I hope that we will be able to find a time in the fall to continue herwork out. It is exciting as a parent to see her making progress in her strength. (Probably shouldn't mention that she knocked a boy out cold in dodgeball yesterday - with a foam ball!)
Elisabeth Wiener from Durham, NC
Kevin, I was brave and got on my home scale this morning after somefour weeks and I was down by 9 lbs. total. I was so excitedthat I was almost about to cry. Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for staying on my a$$ and not allowing me to get away with anything!! I will see you tomorrow morning bright and early with a smiling face :-) Have a good day!
Nakira Carter from Durham, NC
Kevin Perrone is an effective trainer, period. His knowledge and sincere excitement of the human body and it's natural adaptive abilities makes him a contagious agent for real change. It's been my experience that no other personal trainer has the ability that Kevin Perrone has. The ability to take a client on a journey to better fitness and give that client their knoweldge so that the journey never ends. You will sweat, you will work hard, but you will be encouraged, you will have fun, and the changes will be life-long. Thank you Kevin.
Chris Taylor from Chapel Hill, NC
Having been Betsy Collie's instructor at the RKC and I can say with confidence she is an outstanding teacher. Not only is she very capable in demonstrating a host of drills with great technical proficiency, but her ability to break down complex movements to all levels of individuals is outstanding. I would consider anyone who has the opportunity to work with Betsy to be very fortunate.
Josh Henkin from Durham, NC
RKC Team Leader
I admit that I am also a member of GNC...no, not that overpriced and misinformed supplement chain, but the Geoff Neupert (fan) Club. Geoff has really helped me out on various fitness projects and he might be the smartest coach I know when it comes to the science of exercise. He has a great insight into what is really going on in the body during a particular movement. Geoff Neupert combines an incredible knowledge of exercise science with superb communication and personal skills to be one of the best coaches in the fitness industry. He has a knack for watching a movement or exercise and pinpointing the problem area down to the exact muscle or joint. I recently took on two projects: expanding my personal training business and giving a talk to a group of pregnant women about fitness. I knew I could turn to Geoff for practical business advice and for sound fitness tips for my talk. He is such a great resource and I'm very fortunate to have him as a colleague. If you live in the Durham area and have Geoff as your trainer, count your blessings, because he is one of the best to ever pick up a barbell.
Jason Rhymer from Charlotte, NC
Owner, Rhymer Health & Fitness
I started working with Geoff shortly after extensive shoulder surgery. I know that I now have the complete range of motion and strength due to my work with Geoff. I'm very impressed with the knowledge and care used in planning my rehabilitation. Even my orthopedic surgeon was surprised with my results. I'm also working on my general strength and conditioning for tennis. I know our sessions have really made a difference. I'm able to move more quickly on the court and have fewer aches and injuries. I really feel that the exercises I'm doing are tailored to my needs and abilities.
John McGovern from Durham, NC
In my career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach I have been fortunate to meet some of the top coaches in the field. I would place Geoff Neupert at the top of that list. He is one of the few coaches I have met that not only understands the science and theory of training, but has the rare ability to apply that information to effective training programs. His ability to identify the needs of his client and then make rapid progress makes him a coach that I would ask to train myself and recommend anyone that is looking to make serious gains in their physical conditioning.
Josh Henkin from Scottsdale, AZ
Owner, Innovative Fitness Solutions
Betsy Collie is a terrific fitness instructor. I take her "Muscle Pump" classs at Fitness World and love it. Her classes are fun, fastpaced, and perfect for men amd women, old and young. Under Betsy's guidance, each individual can use the weight and position appropriate for their level and ability. What I like best is that she employs a multimuscle group approach to each exercise. Talk about maximizing your exercise time! Betsy finds a way to engage our core muscles whenever possible, as well as muscles you didn't even know existed! I love how Betsy keeps up to date with the latest ideas in exercise physiology and shares new approaches with her students. I would highly recommend her as a fitness instructor. Try her classes, you won't be disappointed!
Mindy Solie from Durham, NC
Betsy is an awesome group fitness instructor. You can tell she has a dance background because of her poise and technique. Her class hits all the major muscle groups and is effective and efficient. You can tell she keeps current in the industry -- she is always incorporating new moves -- that keeps us challenged and entertained!
Susan Chesser from Durham, NC
I have trained under Betsy Collie in a group setting for several years. She is extremely competent and enthusiastic, and her passion for fitness is obvious. Betsy manages to give you individual attention in a group setting. The energy that she exudes is contagious and pushes one to stretch his or her own limits to achieve fitness goals. As a leader, Betsy has superb technical skills and is a role model in every aspect. I look forward to continuing my training with her and Rapid Results Fitness.
Sarah Vrolijk from Durham, NC
I had the opportunity to have Geoff has an Assistant Team Leader at the October 2007 RKC. Geoff has an amazing gift of breaking your technique down and correcting it immediately. Geoff has a true passion for what he does and is a true professional. Probably the biggest thing that stood out to me about Geoff is that he is very personable and has a humble servant attitude. Thanks for everything Geoff!
Mike Juve from Decorah, IA
Geoff was one of my instructors at my RKC. He is very professional, as well as approachable. His extensive knowledge and experience has provided him with an amazing ability to breakdown technique and give you the tools to improve immediately. He personalizes his instruction and provides information to take your training to the next level. He definitely was instrumental in my RKC weekend! If you have the opportunity to work with Geoff...don't miss it!
Sara Juve from Decorah, IA
Geoff was my team leader at my RKC certification class in April of this year. This guy knows his stuff!!! His teaching style is so easy to learn the things you will need to skyrocket your training. If you live anywhere near Geoff you need to contact him and get ready for some real results.
Brian Thompson from Des Moines, IA
Geoff, It has now been two years since I started working out with you. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how you have changed my life. When we first started, I could not walk without the knee brace and was told that the brace was my future along with knee replacement surgery. Now, not only can I walk without the brace, but without pain. Next, you have helped me strengthen my body and mind... My muscles that were once not around at all are stronger and more stable. I thought this would never be possible again. I never thought I could lift weights, walk up stairs, or do any cardio. Not only have you nurtured my body strength buy my mind as well. You have been a great support system. So many times I've wanted to give up but you pushed me and encouraged me to keep going. Many times I've come into the studio with NO energy and by the time I would leave, feel renewed. You have so many clients and you never give up on me no matter what might be going on. Thank you for all your help and support these last two years.
Carolyn Lowry from Apex, NC
Time is always of the essence, isn't it? Geoff Neupert can help you pack in one heck of a workout in a short amount of time. He has help, of course - these iron balls called kettlebells. What a great way to get your entire body engaged during the effort. You can leave your workout knowing it has been really productive and you don't have to worry about not getting to certain body parts; you know you've used everything during a kettlebell workout. Kettlebells are great for really shaping your body when combined with proper nutrition and produce significant body fat loss. Yeah, the number on the scale decreases but the body fat number decreases by a lot more. During a 4 month period, I lost 12 lbs of scale weight and approximately 20 lbs of body fat. Geoff is an excellent trainer who does a great job keeping clients on task and providing measurable feedback. I've been training with Geoff for more than 4 years and can't imagine working with another trainer.
Carla Ball from Carrboro, NC
After just three-and-a-half weeks of working with Geoff, my blood pressure went from 150/92 to 130/64! That's big because now I don't have to go on medication. This is a major milestone!
Marc Becker from Durham, NC
I have been taking group fitness classes for many years now. Betsy's muscle pump class is one of the most complete and enjoyable I have ever been a part of. She has different exercises for all major muscle groups, and she changes it up all the time to avoid boredom. She conducts the class in such a positive way that you forget you are actually working HARD! She is motivating, energetic, and just makes it a great experience. I will happily attend any other classes she decides to teach.
Susann from Clifford, MD
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Duke University Medical Center
I started working out with Geoff a little over two years ago. At the time I considered myself to be in pretty good shape with the exception of my right shoulder. I injured it a few years ago playing basketball and after numerous visits to the doctor and a cortisone shot, I still couldn't lift it over my head without pain and discomfort. It was very frustrating not being able to enjoy some of the simple things in life like playing catch with my son or frisbee with my son. With Geoff's guidance and careful monitoring of my situation, I am now able to do things that I haven't done in years. I can knock out push-ups, parallel dips, pull-ups, and throw a 70lbs. kettlebell around with no pain or problems at all. I have dropped 30lbs and 6 inches off my waist (Not a bad side effect!) My wife often compliments me on how good I look and even more importantly, I like the way I look and feel. Thanks Geoff!!
David DeBerry from Durham, NC
Betsy-I wanted to write a note to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much I have benefited from having you as my fitness instructor. As a REALTOR, I drive 50,000 miles a year--that is a lot of sitting! And many days my meals consist of grabbing something quick in a drive-through. And with lots of sellers depending on me to get their houses sold, I am under a lot of stress. Hours of sitting, poor eating habits and lots of stress--that is a formula for weight gain, poor health, maybe even a heart attack. But guess what? This 47-year-old man is in as good of shape now as I was when I played high school football! What is my secret? It is you, Betsy! Just coming to your hour-long class twice a week gets my muscles working so hard that I feel like I have been at the gym for several hours. I always feel the soreness of a good workout for a day or two after your class. You push us to the limit! And it is wonderful. Without your encouragement ("Just one more set of pushups!"), your critique ("squeeze on the way up when you are doing those squats!") and your fantastic well-rounded program, I would not get nearly the workout by myself, even if i spent twice the time trying! You are the reason that I am a member of the fitness club. If it were not for the classes you teach, I would not be a member. So thanks for all that you do! Best regards.
David Jenkins from Durham, NC
For a 47 year old women, I considered myself in overall good shape. As a group exercise instructor and tennis player, my lifestyle was active. However, with increasing knee and achilles issues and ongoing back issues, I was trying to figure out how to keep active, healthy, not hurt, and avoid surgery. I was aware that Betsy had started Kettlebell classes, but had no interest in adding anymore to my already full schedule...plus, I felt that her workout wasn't going to be any better than what I was already doing. (I was wrong!) So, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take an Intro class and see what it was all about. As Betsy talked and we went through the basic KB exercises, what she was saying and what we were doing was all making sense to me. I liked the way I was feeling, I liked that I was being challenged and I liked that there was no impact....maybe I could get to the point where I wouldn't hurt! After thinking about it for a week or so, I decided that my health was the most important thing to me and I had a strong sense that KB classes were going to be my answer to how to stay healthy, not hurt and get my body back to the place where I was feeling good...those pounds were starting to creep on and not come off as easily as they used to! Somehow, I would find the time to fit KB classes into my full schedule. I have now been attending classes for 2 months and look forward to each class that I attend. I feel stronger, I am stronger and my back pain is gone for the first time in over 20 years. I feel better about the way I look, my posture has improved and my clothes are fitting better....and this is all without really losing any significant weight on the scale. Every person that I have met in class has been friendly and we all share a bond because we know we are going to get through the program that is outlined on the dry erase board. We all keep each other going. Of course Betsy is wonderful with her encouragement in class and there could not be a better role model . She truly is an inspiration. I can't thank Geoff enough for all of his patience with me and work with me to get my body to the place I want it to be...which is pain free. His knowledge of how KB exercises and Z exercises can improve your body and get rid of pain/discomfort is impressive. Kevin and Jess are also excellent at what they do and I find that each and every class I am learning something new. We all know that quality is more important than quantity....Geoff reiterates this often too in his email communication....I know that when I come to a KB class, I am going to have a quality workout and will walk out the door at the end of class feeling great! Thank you Betsy and Geoff.
Kim Leder from Durham, NC
This [Rapid Results Fitness] has totally solved my frozen shoulder. I had it manipulated last May along with a cortizone shot and physical therapy over the course of a year-and-a-half.
Bonnie Boone from Durham, NC
The Agony and the Ecstasy

"Rapid Results? They aren’t kidding. I hesitated to submit a testimonial, because I’ve only been taking classes with Betsy for three weeks, but I am already seeing such significant results, and in such a particular way, that I want to record my assessment thus far.

I have been in gyms pushing heavy things around since I was sixteen. I am often mistaken for a body-builder, and even a musclehead (though I’ve never kicked sand in anyone’s face at the beach). So I thought I understood quite a lot about biomechanics, stress and recovery, injury prevention, etc. For the last several years, I have been nursing a slight triceps tendon tear with no success in getting it to heal. Doctors, drugs, ice, massages, new training methods, rest—none of it has made much difference at all. My meager hope was that kb training would strengthen the joint and perhaps take some pressure off of the tear. I am stunned to report that even after two weeks, I noticed a significantly stronger elbow joint. It’s much more stable, and I can now workout pain free. I am amazed.

It takes a long time for tendons to heal, and even if I no longer feel the pain, I know that the tear is still there. So when I go back to my gym, I continue to work out with restraint. But in kb class, I experience no such restrictions. I am not doing anything special in class—just working both sides of the body equally, but always the left side first. The left arm (the side of the tear) has lagged behind the right in vascularity, strength and mobility for two years, but is rapidly catching up. It is so much stronger after such a short time, and I don’t have a good explanation for why I haven’t been able to create these results with all of my own efforts.

There are many testimonials that credit kb training with fat loss, increased overall strength, stamina, etc. and I concur with those reports. But my testimonial adds another dimension to the

Michael Murphy from Durham, NC
Betsy and Geoff: I heard about Kettlebells from 2 other "tennis playing gals" who had tried this form of exercise. I was MOST amazed at how much their bodies had changed and their noticable loss of inches. I took the KB class T/TH/S for 6 weeks at lunch and can truly say that I've tightend up, lost inches and am finally fitting into my skinny jeans. It had been 1 year since I've put them away in the closet and stopped stepping on the scale. It was time to make some drastic changes. KB's not only strengthend my arms, thighs and butt....BUT I know I've also lost weigh around the "Middle" where so many of us past 40 have put on a few. No more "Muffin Top" for me. On another note: I used to crack my back daily to relieve presseure from my spine. I have not had the need to do this since I've started your class. No back pressure at all with these exercise just strengthening. Thanks for all of yours and Geoff's encouragement throughout the sessions. I'll be seeing you at the pool this summer...back into my two piece again :) Getty up and Go!
Laura Shaffer from Durham, NC
Rapid Results Fitness combines the very best of personal training and exercise classes. The classes are small, so Betsy and Kevin give you all the individual attention you need. The class dynamic is both motivating and supportive. The kettlebell routines give you a complete weight training and cardio workout. There are no wasted reps! Every motion serves a purpose. Geoff's online support directs lifestyle choices and changes to help you reach your fitness goals. Not only have I lost inches, but I am sleeping better and longer, have more energy throughout the day and feel great.
Mary Eileen Anderson from Durham, NC
As a profiled financial advisor and radio show host I frequently receive requests to endorse or offer testimonial. I take the matter of tying my integrity to others seriously, and this is only the second endorsement/testimonial I’ve written. But I couldn’t be more happy or at ease to do so.

I first contacted Rapid Results Fitness (RRF) in 2005 after an overweight neighbor my age suddenly died of a heart attack in his front yard. For several years I had struggled in controlling my own weight and blood pressure. My doctor wanted to put me on BP medication - I was fat and lethargic to the point of creating unrest at home. I was very unhappy not only with this, but what I saw in the mirror.

Within three months of being educated on how the body systematizes, how to control it through diet, kettle bell training and nervous system exercises, my blood pressure was back to normal. Since then I have lost over 50 pounds of body fat and put on almost 20 pounds of muscle. That’s all well and good when I’m getting my annual physical, but pales in comparison to other changes.

RRF’s motion training has virtually eliminated aches, strains, and pinched nerves I have suffered with for years. My body looks better than it did when I instructed aerobics in my early 20s. I have more energy than I know what to do with. As a coach myself in another area this is extremely important, as it is very difficult to inspire others to perform at their best while yawning. Not to mention I have a 2 and 4 year old that I can actually run ragged.

When I am driving my family, my wife often reaches over to feel my arms and shoulders. I am strong - stronger than I ever imagined being. This comes with muscle – your greatest ally in defeating fat and lethargy. My wife says she does that because it makes her feel safe. If making my family feel secure wasn’t enough, when my wife feels safe, many things in our relationship blossom. This is a benefit I never considered.

I write without reservation, Geoff, Betsy, Kevin, and Jess at Rapid Results Fitness have changed my life and how I see myself. And they have changed how others see and respond to me. In this way, they have not only affected me, but everyone that knows me. When I think of what I pay them for this it seems a ridiculously low amount. Taking the time to share my experience - my transition - with others interested in their program is the least I can do to thank them for what they have done for me an those around me.

Really guys, I wish I knew a better way to say it, but I don’t: Thank You.

Marc Becker

- The $ Coach

- Host of “The Money Jam” radio show

- Author of “The Lies My Broker Taught Me and 101 Truths About Money and Investing,” “Confessions of a Recovering Financial Planner,” and “Discovering Your True Purpose For Money.”

Marc Becker from Durham, NC
I was urged by a friend to join Rapid Results Fitness. We were both looking for a way to lose weight and tone up. I was sluggish, and found that by the end of the workday I had no energy. In only 3 weeks I have seen a vast improvement in all of those things -- I’ve lost five pounds, and my husband has commented on the “love handles” around my waist have significantly reduced in size. I also have so much more get-up-and-go.

I highly recommend Geoff’s Jump Start class, in which I learned proper technique. Betsy’s cheerleading during kettlebell class has greatly increased my desire to top myself with each session, but while going at my own pace. There is no pressure, and there is an almost nurturing environment in the class with no feelings of competition. I have found the other kettlebell students to be encouraging and pleasant to be around. Betsy is an excellent instructor, and certainly knows her stuff. She mixes the routines up so one is never bored. Geoff’s emails concerning diet and things one should be doing outside of class are a huge part of the program, and very helpful and inspiring, even for someone like me who has been in and out of exercise and weight loss programs for years.

I would highly recommend Rapid Results Fitness for anyone, no matter your weight or level of health. For the first time in a long time I feel optimistic about getting the weight off and having the body I really want.

Kim Horstman from Durham, NC
What can I say, this is an AWESOME work out! In four weeks, I dropped 3% body fat which Kevin figured out to be five pounds of fat loss and two pounds of muscle added on. It took me four months to do this before with a trainer working extensively at a gym. I am not bored, the work outs are different every time. These workouts allow me to receive cardio and muscle strength together in three one hour class''s per week. I am most excited about the core strength that you get from this work out. As a chiropractor who see''s back injuries all the time, core strength is a must to help in controlling and limiting these type of problems. I enjoy working out with Betsy and Kevin, they are enthusiastic and knowledgable about what they do and your health and safety come first. I would highly recommend kettlebells for the rapid results that they proclaim.
David Leidich from Durham, NC
I had been working out at a gym with a friend 5 days a week. In the past month I''ve seen the same benefits of a 3day a week exercising with kettlebells as in the 3 months at the other gym!
The other benefit is the encouragement of other class participants to keep driving through the exercise to completion.

David Helwig from Durham, NC
I've been a member of Rapid Results Fitness since June of 08. I've taken classes with every instructor who teaches there and they are all great. In my profession, it is extremely important that I develop and maintain good overall core strength to prevent long term postural failure from the same repetitious movements. I get all of that and more from KB workouts. I've dropped over 12 pounds and I am looking forward to dropping another 12 to 15. I am much more flexible and have much more overall strength. Plain and simple, the program works. The more disciplined you are, the better it works. Every instructor will emphasize to you, and they are BRUTALLY honest... that it is all up to you how drastic and how fast the results are. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is ready for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to improve the quality of your life.
Lionel Nelson from Durham, NC

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